Avoid during pregnancy

Whilst I was pregnant – I did a lot of research on what I shouldn’t do/eat to ensure my baby was healthy.

Just remember – it is only 9 months, and if it saves your unborn child’s life, or prevents them from brain damage or contracting a disease – it makes it all worthwhile.  Why risk it?

Here is a list which I will continue to add to as I find out more.

To begin with – think before you put anything in your mouth.  If you are remotely unsure – check (choose reputable health websites or journal/research articles) and ask your obstetrician or doctor.  Fruit and vegetables (not sprouts though) should all be ok – as long as they are washed thoroughly and prepared yourself.

Avoid hot baths, saunas and steam rooms.  You should remain at a maximum temperature of 37.5 degrees celcius (body temperature) to ensure you do not overheat your baby. I didn’t bother having a bath while I was pregnant – because I like it very hot.  I tried my first bath at 37.5 degrees and it was so disappointing and cold that I vowed not to try again.

Later in the pregnancy (second and third trimester) you should avoid sleeping on your back and your right side.  You should sleep on your left side to ensure the placenta receives sufficient oxygenated blood from your circulation.  Sleeping on your right side can compresses the inferior vena cava and impede circulation.

Avoid inhaling:

Cigarette smoke


Some essential oils

Chemical fumes (paints/stains/laquer/varnish etc)

Petrol fumes when filling up your car with fuel

Soil/fertiliser when gardening

Cheese Shop

Cheese Shop

Avoid consuming:

Alcohol (can cause brain damage)

Unpasturised milk (Listeria)

Soft cheeses (ricotta, brie, camembert, cottage) (Listeria)

Raw and smoked seafood (Listeria)

Pate (Listeria)

Sprouts (Salmonella, Listeria, E.Coli)

Soft serve ice cream (Salmonella)

Pre-packed salads/salad bars any commercially prepared salads or smorgasbord restaurants (Listeria)

Hot Dogs (Listeria)

Commercial cold meats such as ham, belgium, devon and salami (Listeria)

Anything with raw egg (e.g. aoli and mayonnaise) (Salmonella)

Sushi (even vege sushi could be contaminated with raw fish if prepared outside your own kitchen) (Listeria)

Camomile tea (can cause miscarriage)

Peanuts are a point of contention – they were on a list of foods which should not be consumed back in the 90’s but more recently, allergists suggest not avoiding any particular foods to prevent allergies.

Also – be careful with pets and handling animals (Reptiles and Amphibians can carry salmonella and cat litter can expose you to toxoplasmosis).

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