Natural skincare

A bee on a lemon tree flower

A bee on a lemon tree flower

Natural skincare products can be hard to find and expensive.

I like to treat my skin from within by eating well and drinking plenty of water.  I also use a natural bamboo brush on my face each day in the shower which exfoliates, leaving my skin feeling smooth.

If you want to use a product on your skin, but prefer to stay natural, try using pure plant oils on the skin to moisturise (for example jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut oil or macadamia oil) and making your own masks using natural ingredients you find in your kitchen.

If you wouldn’t eat it – why absorb it through your skin?  I made a face mask from egg white, oats, camomile and green tea yesterday.  It made my skin feel healthy and radiant.  The left-overs are in a jar in the fridge for me to use throughout the week.  I am going to try avocado and cucumber next time for a cooling mask.

Honey can be applied directly to skin to heal wounds, infections, burns, sunburn and ulcers – so is also a great addition to a homemade mask.

Make sure you patch test any masks you make to ensure your skin does not adversely react.


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