Natural sleep aids


Lavender oil – drip a few drops on the pillow/sheets.  I love the smell of this and research shows it is effective in reducing anxiety.

Camomile tea – I have a cup each night after dinner (with a teaspoon of honey for a sweet after dinner treat).  It is calming and soothing.

A cool eye pillow – I have an eye pillow filled with rice/grain and lavender which I keep in the freezer and it feels lovely over my forehead or eyes whilst I drift off to sleep.  A cool core body temperature makes for a longer and deeper sleep.

White Noise (e.g. rain, waterfalls) – many free apps are available for this.  You can play it either to help you drift off to sleep or to stay asleep in a noisy environment.

Keep a notepad and pen next to the bed so you can write down anything in your head which wakes you during the night or keeps you awake thinking.  Writing it down can help to remove it from your head, but the note means you will not forget it and can think about or resolve it when you wake up.


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