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Wholefood: Food that has not undergone much processing before you prepare and consume it.

When you look at the food you are about to eat – and you can identify that it came off a plant or out of the earth, this is an indicator it probably hasn’t undergone too much processing and is vaguely still in its natural form.  Therefore – it probably isn’t too bad for your health.

I have been trying to minimise my processed food intake and increase my wholefood consumption.  Unfortunately – some of these foods are generally more expensive than processed foods – so it is difficult to eat only wholefoods when you are catering for a family or if you are on a low budget.  It does however help the environment – as less resources are required if a food is not refined – rather, the food remains in its natural state.  Your health can also be improved by eating foods that are unprocessed – as no additives (like preservatives, artificial colours and flavours) are likely to be present, and the food is probably fresher and therefore more full of nutrients.  Factors such as time in transit/sitting on a shelf and refinement processes reduce the vitamins and minerals contained in food. If you consume more wholefoods – it is likely that you will improve both your nutrient and fibre intake.

Here are some wholefoods I have been enjoying recently:

Polenta (ground maize/corn) – I use this to make a porridge and add dates, banana, cinnamon and vanilla.  I also use it in combination with flour, water and eggs to make sweet or savoury pancakes.

Blueberries: they are so delicious just on their own when they are in season.  They are full of antioxidants – which help reduce free radicals in the body (free radicals are a factor in causing cancer).

Avocado: I love avocados.  They are so versatile and are particularly good in sushi or with salad.  You can also make a nice guocamole if you add chopped onion and tomato to mashed avocado.

Nuts – a handful of unsalted nuts make a healthy snack and keep you feeling full.  Studies have shown eating nuts can help you maintain a healthy weight (even though they are high in fat).

There are many more wholefoods I love, but I’ll leave you with these ones for now.


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