Natural tips to soothe a teething baby


I try to avoid using unnatural products – particularly for a baby.  I like to keep them as naturally healthy as possible and avoid chemicals and medicines unless they are absolutely necessary.

I have not yet had to resort to an oral gel – which (in Australia) contain small amounts of salicylic acid (a chemical which is toxic in large quantities).  These gels have been removed from sale for use on infants (due to health concerns) in the UK.

These are some techniques which have worked to soothe my teething baby.  Remember – every baby is different and these tips might not work for everyone – but if it is natural, there is no harm in trying.

– Soak a washer in water, wring it out a little, scrunch it up and then freeze it in a container.  Give the washer to your baby to chew on as it defrosts.  Mine loved the cool sensation and it took quite some time for the washer to fully defrost.  This can entertain them for a while as well as soothing sore gums.  Also great for a hot day.

– Wooden toys and teethers. There are several baby safe wooden toys which are better than having your baby chew on unnatural plastics which contain chemicals and sometimes BPAs.  Keep the toys cool in the fridge.

– Natural rubber teethers.  Rubber is derived from plants – so more natural than plastics.  These are also great when kept cool in the fridge.

– A soft brush made from plant derived natural fibres such as bamboo or a loofah (dried cellulose fibres from a fruit which looks similar to a zucchini or cucumber) – wet this and let them play with it.   The course texture against their gums feels good and can provide relief/comfort.

Good luck and I hope your baby responds well.


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