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Priorities and washing fruit and vegetables

I have been giving a lot of consideration lately to the priorities I have in life.

I think it is important to remember what makes you happy and how you want to live your life – so you can aim to make your life better every day.

I have concluded the following:

1.  I am happier and healthier now (that I am a mum, looking after my family) than I have ever been.

2.  Health and nutritious food  are so important to me that this has become a huge part of my life and who I am (and I want to share it with any one who will listen!)

3.  Living in or near a place with a good atmosphere (good vibes as I like to say) is important to me. For me, that is somewhere I can connect with nature – whether it be the beach or rainforest.

I would love to have a property where I can have a big veggie garden and grow a more substantial amount of my food.  The passionfruit on our vine just finished producing heaps of fruit and it is such a pleasure to pick and eat them when you have grown them yourself and watched them develop.  We eat so much fruit and veg in our house and can’t afford to buy organic. I have been using a washing technique to remove some of the pesticides from the fruit and vegetables I buy.

fruit and veg wash

This is how it’s done:

Fill the sink tub or a large bowl or bucket with water

Add 1/2 cup vinegar (either white vinegar or apple cider vinegar).

Let the vegetables soak for 10 – 15 mins

Give them a bit of a scrub

Rinse off

Let them dry or use a towel to pat them dry then put them away.

I love being able to pick up my fruit and veg and eat it straight away without worrying about having to wash it.  It’s great to get it done all at once in a large batch.  You would be surprised what comes off some of the fruit and veg.  The apples I washed this way the other day had all this slime dripping off them.  I think it’s the wax they rub on them to make them shiny (pretty gross).

Until next time….



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