Rainforest Mushroom

Rainforest Mushroom

Hi.  I’m Jules.  I’ve always been fairly health conscious (vegetarian from a young age), but after some significant life events (brushing with death in 2009 and having a baby in 2012), the focus on health and the important things in life has certainly been bumped up a notch for me.  I eat a mostly vegan and gluten free diet and have  removed prettymuch all processed food from my life (wholefoods give you more nutritional bang for your buck).  I need to be frugal, as I am on a budget.    The aim of this page is to share natural health, nutrition and environmental information.  Some pregnancy/caring for a child information will be thrown in for good measure.  I like to ensure my information is founded from evidence based research in addition to my personal experiences.  Hope you enjoy the reading and find it useful.


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